Friday, March 5, 2010


In this proud land we grew up strong
We were wanted all along
I was taught to fight, taught to win
I never thought I could fail

No fight left or so it seems
I am a man whose dreams have all deserted
I've changed my face, I've changed my name
But no one wants you when you lose

Don't give up 'cause you have friends
Don't give up, you're not beaten yet
Don't give up, I know you can make it good

Though I saw it all around
Never thought I could be affected
Thought that we would be last to go
It's so strange the way things turn

Drove the night toward my home
The place that I was born, out on the lakeside
As daylight broke I saw the earth
The trees had burned down to the ground

Don't give up, you still have us
Don't give up, we don't need much of anything
Don't give up 'cause somewhere there's a place where we belong

Rest your head, you worry too much
It's going to be all right
When times get rough you can fall back on us
Don't give up, please don't give up

Got to walk out of here
I can't take any more
Going to stand on that bridge
Keep my eyes down below
Whatever may come
Whatever may go
That river's flowing
That river's flowing

Don't give up 'cause you have friends
Don't give up, you're not the only one
Don't give up, there's no reason to be ashamed
Don't give up, you still, you still have us

I believe, you and me
That somewhere there's a place where we belong

6 komentar:

Riesta Emy Susanti said...

jangan menyerah!!!!

dEe said...

we can't give up!

ice blended vanilla said...

waahhh aku juga suka lagunyaaa

dEe said...

bikin kita semangat lagi ga,siii?
ngingetin kt kalo kt g boleh nyerah coz kita punya banyak temen yg ngedukung kita..
n bahwa sbenernya yg kt lakuin itu belom seberapa,,bahkan kdg2 kt nyerah sblm bertanding..
suka bgt!^^

Yulia Rahmawati said...

makasi ya postingannya,,,
aku lagi give up
gitu deh sama tugas2 kuliah

Yulia Rahmawati
"Get Up,Survive,Go Back to The Bed"

dEe said...

@ladyulia : sama2,,
saling nyemangatin yaahh..
oo,tugas2 kuliah,,hehehe..
pernah ngerasain juga si =)
pusing krn tugas kuliah..hoho
tetep semangat yah!!

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