Sunday, June 13, 2010

Kawai to Kirei Nina in Japan ^^

Nina is a little girl that has video about her growin up. Her father has made videos about her to report her progress in his family in US (Because now, he lives in Japan). Here's the profile of the page in Youtube :
I'm a doting father who teaches at a high school in Japan. I originally uploaded these videos mainly so my family and friends in the U.S. could see how Nina is progressing through life, but since then Nina has made new friends from all around the world. Thanks to kawaiifull for making the great banners!
Here's the channel of Nina : 
People love her because she always acts cute at the video. Her facial expression and her voice are funny and cute. She's also beautiful . Her father is also smart to raise her cuteness :) Here is one of her video when she ate bento with her papa. The first conversation was so funny. 
Papa : Nina, whose ebi is that?
Nina : Papa
Papa : Who's eating it?
Nina : Nina (with cute face)
Papa : Haha..why u're eating my ebi?
Nina : Cause it looks good (with japanese and very funny expression ..chubby Nina =>)

and in the other part, she showed her funny, scary, and sad faces :) CUTEE!!!!
she also said "This is the chicken" that sound like " This is the kitchen " Ha3. Very cute Nina..

There's another videos that her father has made til now :) From baby until she's five (now). If u want to follow Nina's Activity,,subscribe his channel or go to Nina's fan page on Facebook :  We Love Nina in Japan from YouTube ♥ . I spent my night seeing her videos :) Bet u'll love her too ^^
Picture of Nina :



8 komentar:

Riesta Emy Susanti said...

ya ampyuuuun,,,
lucu bangeeeet

dEe said...

iya mba,lucu abiiisss

aishi lely said...

emang kawai.. mau dong satu (menculik nina,ketimbang miyabi ) hehehe...

Tiananda said...

omg she's 5 now???
dulu pas jaman kuliah aku sering donlot video2 Nina... umurnya masih 2 taun :)
di kampus donlooot mulu :p

sampe akhirnya lupa..
makasi yaaa ngingetin lagi ^^

dEe said...

@mb aishi: emang mb,,gmn klo kt kolaborasi bikin strategi buat nyuli nina? hihihi -_-
@mb tia: iya =) she improved her english :) still very cuteeee!! ehehe...iya nih,,ak juga g bs brenti nonton

i heart nina

rosanakmami said...

aku udah lihat videonya..
aihh lucu banget si nina ini ^^
jadi kepengen punya anak yang kayak gitu euy, udah lucuuuu pinter lagi,,
*kawin aja belom udah kepengen anak, haha :D

rosanakmami said...

pada mau nyulik nina?
ikutaaaannnnnnnnnnnn :D

Picku said...

Ada yg punya video"nya Nina tak? boleh dishare? aku pngen download udah keburu ditutup akun geofg

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